Phoenix AZ Iron Bow - exterior front curb sideTED stands for “Telehealth Education Delivered.” TED is a vehicle equipped with technologies that enable any facility to provide education and training on a range of telehealth and patient care solutions. Iron Bow Technologies is taking TED on a road trip across the country to demonstrate the ways that telehealth can extend healthcare access, enhance patient care and access and enable collaboration among healthcare providers and patients.

_MG_9125TED will showcase technologies that enable telehealth in many areas such as mental health, rural health, surgery, wound care, audiology, primary care, non-invasive cardio, and dermatology, to name just a few. TED serves as a venue for providing education and training on an array of telehealth and patient care solutions.

20160103_092737_resized (1)Join TED as it ventures across the US from January until December, making over 200 stops for live demonstrations and tours of the truck and the solutions inside. You can follow TED via the interactive map on the homepage of this site, as well as on Instagram and Twitter.


TED in the News


Truck Gives Montana Veterans Close Look at Telehealth Options
Montana Public Radio
The TED truck will be coming to veterans and healthcare providers in Montana! The telehealth technologies on the vehicle are a glimpse into the future of healthcare. For veterans in Montana, the hope is that these technologies will allow vets more opportunities to be seen by healthcare providers,  and cut down on unnecessary and time consuming travel.

Telehealth Van Visits Roseburg VA
The News-Review
TED spent the day at the Roseburg Veterans Affairs Medical Center. The solutions on the truck allow health care providers and veterans the opportunity to see different options for receiving care, outside of traveling to a hospital.

Telehealth Vehicle Coming to the Roseburg/Eugene VA’s
Oregon cannot get enough of telehealth! TED plans to make a stop at the VA Roseburg Healthcare System in Roseburg, OR. The following day the truck will also spend time at the Eugene VA Health Care Center, in Eugene, OR.

VA Telemedicine
On Tuesday, TED made a stop at the VA Sierra Nevada Health Care System. Healthcare providers were able to learn about VA Video Connect and many other solutions that can help veterans receive medical care in a fast and effective manner.

Telehealth Education Delivered is on the Move
TED was able to spend the day at the VA center in Grand Junction, CO. TED’s driver/ trainer was able to do demos of the products and explain the significance of each solution and how they can improve a patients life.

New Bus Showcases Telehealth Equipment
The use of telehealth solutions has an impacting affect on its users lives. The TED truck made a stop at the Topeka Kansas VA Hospital, which allowed healthcare providers and local veterans to come aboard and interact with the solutions. One veteran shared how the use of telehealth technologies has lessened stress in her life.

Van Shows VA Telehealth Options
Altoona Mirror
The growth in telehealth technology has given many vets another option when it comes to healthcare. Utilizing this technology can save many vets the hassle and time of driving into the city for doctors appointments. TED’s stop at the James E. Van Zandt VA Medical Center, Altoona PA, allowed the clinic staff the opportunity to see how instrumental the use of this technology can be in a patients life.

Mobile Telehealth Vehicle Makes Stop in the Mid-South
TED spent a day checking in with the Memphis VA Medical Center, Memphis TN. Healthcare providers were able to tour the truck and see live demos of the products.

Charlie Norwood VA Showcases Mobile Technology
The telehealth technology showcased on TED demonstrated to the staff at the Charlie Norwood VA Center that, despite many living in rural areas, veterans are still able to receive the proper healthcare they require.

Mobile Unit Shows off Telemedicine for VA Patients
The Augusta Chronicle
The Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center, GA, is in the process of growing its use of telehealth technology. TED spent a day there allowing the center’s staff to tour the truck and interact with the telehealth solutions.

Healthcare on Wheels for Veterans
TED made a trip to the VA Medical Center in Wilmington, North Carolina, to show the clinic staff demos of telehealth technology.

VA Expanding the use of Tele-medicine to Improve Access for Veterans
At the VA Medical Center in Salem, VA, TED spent time showing how much the adoption of telehealth is positively affecting veterans daily lives.

Telehealth Van Coming to Clinic
Lovell FHCC Evanston Community Based Outpatient Clinic is expecting TED, Telehealth Education Delivered, to stop by and demonstrate the most recent innovations in telehealth technology.

Telehealth Tech Presentation at Iron Mountain VA Hospital
TED stopped by the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center, in Iron Mountain Michigan, to showcase the new developments in telehealth. The advancements in this technology have allowed patients, from the comfort of their own homes, to connect with healthcare professionals via tablets.

Telehealth can Cut Down on Patients Travel to Receive Care
The Register-Guard
The latest developments in telehealth have improved patients ability to remotely connect with healthcare professionals.

Mobile Telehealth Vehicle Visits Roseburg VA Medical Center
TED is set to visit Oregon’s Roseburg VA Medical Center to encourage the use of telehealth throughout the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Telehealth Technologies give Rural Veterans Access to Healthcare
KKCO 11 News
Touring TED showed medical professionals how telehealth technology can dramatically cut down on a veteran’s need to travel to various locations in order to receive medical care.

Telehealth Education Delivered Showcases Telehealth Solutions
TED stopped by the Grand Junction VA Medical Center to help healthcare providers learn about the benefits of telehealth.

VA Clinic Demonstrates Benefits of Telehealth Virtual Care
The Gazette
TED visited the PFC Floyd K. Lindstrom Outpatient Clinic in Colorado Springs, which gave visitors a chance to experience the latest innovations in telehealth.

VA Turns to Virtual Health Care for Veterans Near and Far
Orlando Sentinel
When Delmer Fischer needed a pair of major surgeries, the 61-year-old Army vet from Clermont had to make two eight-hour round-trips to Miami’s VA hospital with his wife and adult daughter, who took time off work for the operations.

High-Tech ‘T.E.D’ Van Visits Dublin Va Center
Veterans at the Carl Vinson VA Medical Center got a high-tech demonstration on the latest medical care technology–in a van.

Telemedicine comes to the Carl Vinson Center
The Telehealth Education Delivered, or TED, bus stopped at the Carl Vinson V.A. Medical Center in Dublin on Thursday.

Telehealth Van stops by Carl Vinson VA Medical Center
In 2016, the VA provided care to 700,000 patients via Telehealth.

Telehealth is health care access to veterans through the use of technology.

Mobile Telehealth vehicle visits V.A. clinic
A mobile Tele-health vehicle is helping improve health care for our veterans.

T.E.D., which stands for the tele-health educational delivery vehicle, is a mobile teaching tool used by the Veterans Administration to educate the public about it’s use of telecommunication technology for veterans health care. T.E.D. paid a visit to the new Veterans Administration clinic at 205 South Enterprise Parkway to show off equipment that connects veterans in rural or remote areas with health care providers via cameras. The cameras in the vehicles can diagnose eye diseases, skin diseases and wounds.

TED truck plans stop in Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi Caller-Times
A mobile telehealth vehicle will stop in Corpus Christi Friday to help Veterans Affairs patients use technology for a better health experience.

“Telehealth Education Delivered,” or TED, is a mobile truck that has traveled across the country since its inception in 2015. The truck features the latest technology that healthcare providers use to extend access and patient care remotely.

Mobile care making Abilene vet health more efficient
Abilene Reporter-News
Bob Terrell finished his service in the U.S. Navy in 1984. He entered the VA health care system in 2004.

Now, he holds a lot of his doctor appointments through the screen of his iPad.

Thanks to the VA’s Telehealth program, he doesn’t need to travel to Lubbock, Midland or Dallas for his checkups.

Telehealth service assists more than 200 veterans around Abilene
ABILENE, Texas – The Veterans Affairs clinic in Abilene hosted a telehealth service demonstration Thursday in a truck provided by Iron Bow Technologies.

Home Telehealth RN Coordinator Rachel Stout said about 220 veterans in the area use telehealth devices in their homes. Telehealth lets patients consult and share information with doctors through telecommunications technologies.

VA Connected Care improves access to care through technology
Official Blog of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Imagine sitting down with your family in a restaurant for a meal together. Everyone is gathered around the table when suddenly, you can’t hear your spouse. Your server comes up and you think she is asking you if you’d like to have something to drink — but it’s not clear. You can’t hear normally and your hearing aid needs to be adjusted. What do you do in that situation?

When this happened recently to a Veteran patient at the Cleveland VAMC, he immediately called his audiologist, Christopher Galizio, who was able to adjust the Veteran’s hearing aid remotely through the new Hearing Aid Distance Fitting Application (HADFA). The issue was resolved quickly and essentially at the moment the Veteran was having difficulty, allowing him to get back to his meal with his family.

VA Telling the Telehealth Story – You’re Invited
Official Blog of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
One of the most important ways we deliver health care to our Veterans today is through Telehealth. It helped more than 300,000 Veterans in fiscal year 2016 access and interact with their VA care team.

And we want to show you what Telehealth is all about, how it works and its great potential. You’re invited to step inside the Telehealth Education Delivered (TED) vehicle for an informative tour and demonstration.

Talking Telehealth
Leavenworth Times
Jane Johnson, center, discusses telehealth equipment with Department of Veterans Affairs employees Patrice Reginer and Mary Oehlert inside the Telehealth Education Delivered Vehicle. The TED vehicle, which is operated by Iron Bow Technologies, was parked at the Eisenhower VA Medical Center in Leavenworth for four hours Monday. This gave VA employees and veterans the opportunity to look at telehealth technologies that are available. The vehicle was scheduled to be at the Topeka VA hospital today.

VA patients, health care workers get a lesson in TED
The Telehealth Education Delivered vehicle rolled into the Capital City. The 34 foot truck is designed to be an educational opportunity for medical staff and veterans to learn more about alternative means used to deliver health care access.

“It provides better access to care,” said Janet Barrett, telehealth coordinator, Colmery-O’Neil VA. “If a veteran isn’t able to drive in from a distant location we might be able to see them using telehealth technology such as video appointment.”

Borderland veterans use technology to access healthcare
EL PASO, Texas – The El Paso Department of Veterans Affairs provides veterans with programs to bring them the accessible healthcare they deserve.

Clinical Video Telehealth allows veterans to speak with specialists through Skype. The V.A. says this helps people with limited mobility and will save veterans time and money as well.

Mobile health clinic for veterans makes stop in Salem
SALEM (WSLS 10) – A truck making its way to VA medical centers across the country is teaching healthcare providers and patients about technology and making medical exams more accessible for veterans in rural areas.

Tuesday, the TeleHealth truck stopped at the VA Medical Center in Salem. The technology allows veterans to go to community-based outpatient clinics for an exam and take part in a video conference with a specialist.

More And More Veterans Visit Their Doctors Via Telemedicine
More and more members of the military are coming back from deployments needing medical attention, and Vietnam-era veterans are aging.

All that’s been putting strains on the Veterans Affairs medical system. One way the VA is improving access to care is by using telemedicine, so patients can consult doctors from a distance, via video.

There was recently a demonstration of the evolving technology at the VA Medical Center open house in White River Junction.

VA hospital Spotlights Telemedicine
The technologies demonstration vehicle or TED visited the Van Zandt VA Medical Center on Monday to showcase telehealth services available to veterans. They include everything from diabetic retinal screening, and teledermatology, to primary care, nutrition services and dementia.

Telehealth staff says the amount of patient visits has doubled over the last two years and the number of programs has gone from two to more than 20.

TED Telehealth Rolls Into Bedford VA
Salem Patch
Bedford VA Veterans and health care providers experienced how Telehealthtechnology will enhanceVeterans’ access to carewhen the TED truck visited Bedford VA on Thursday.

Bedford is the 90th VA hospital that Leslie Fernyhough, a Telehealth education specialist fromIron Bow Technologies, has visitedsince January. The Ted truck showcasescutting edge technology that will enable physicians and nurses to diagnose patients using a multitude of video conferencing tools.

New technology allows doctor to examine patients remotely
Virtual healthcare may be the next big thing, especially for VA medical clinics.An example was shown at the Iron Mountain VA Center on Wednesday, showing how veterans can now see their providers without having to drive the distance. It’s called a Telehealth Cart, and it’s basically a doctor’s office on wheels.
“These make it possible for a provider to do an appointment with their patient at a distance,” said Leslie Fernyhough, Telehealth education specialist. “The nurse or tech will get the video conference going and then use all those tools for an exam.”

North Dakota VA Telemedicine
April 2015

Telehealth Education Delivered Vehicle
The Amarillo VA Health Care System is hosting a Telehealth Education Delivered Vehicle today till 3 p.m.

The mobile station is for education of staff, as well as for Veterans to tour and have demonstrations on what is offered via Telehealth within VA.

Clinical Video Telehealth is a system of real-time video monitors with add-ons like stethoscopes, otoscopes, and Doppler tools that allow Veterans to be seen by specialists miles away.

Telehealth demo vehicle makes stop at Montgomery VA
Montgomery Advertiser
Military veterans are invited to the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System on Perry Hill Road Friday for a free informative demonstration of the increased use of technology in healthcare, specifically for veterans needing long-distance care.

The Telehealth Education Delivered vehicle will be making a stop in Montgomery from its national tour to provide patients with a close-up look at new services in mental, surgery and wound care, audiology, dermatology and non-invasive cardio, just to name a few.

Technology brings patients, doctors closer at VA
Montgomery Advertiser
About 30 interested veterans took advantage of the mobile Telehealth Education Delivered truck stationed outside the Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System in Montgomery on Friday to check out the latest advances in medical health. The truck, or TED, is run by Iron Bow, a company that supplies VA hospitals and clinics with the latest technology in long-distance care. The truck is on a national tour to 150 VA medical centers and is equipped with an assortment of touch-screens, cameras, smart boards and laser wands to show how technology is changing the way the VA is providing medical treatment.

Telehealth Education Delivered Vehicle
Fox 14 KTC
Amarillo VA Health Care System is hosts Telehealth Education Delivered Vehicle. The mobile station is for education of staff, as well as for Veterans to tour and have demonstrations on what is offered via Telehealth within VA.

Telemedicine provides convenient health care for veterans
Fox 4 KC
How would you like to be able to see your doctor without leaving the comforts of your home? We’re not talking about old-fashioned house calls, but the future of telemedicine.

Technology is being used to provide the latest in health care to patients who may be hundreds of miles away from Kansas City’s Veterans Affairs Medical Center.