• What is TED?

    Telehealth Education Delivered (TED) is a mobile demonstration vehicle created by Iron Bow Technologies designed to showcase the many telehealth solutions available today. Iron Bow’s mission with TED is to increase the use of telehealth within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) by raising the awareness and understanding of how these technologies can improve overall efficiency while enhancing patient access, outcomes and experiences.

  • About Iron Bow Technologies

    Serving government and industry for more than three decades, Iron Bow Technologies provides business-aligned IT consulting, managed services and full-lifecycle solutions. Leveraging leading technology and as-a-service options, the company designs, builds and manages collaboration, cyber security, data center, mobility and network solutions that are on-target with customer missions.

    For more information on Iron Bow, please visit ironbow.com.

  • What is telehealth and why is it important to the VA?

    The VA is America’s largest integrated healthcare system with over 1,700 sites of care, serving 8.76 million veterans each year. The number of veterans using telehealth services has greatly increased in the last four years. According to the VA, their telehealth program served more than 690,000 veterans in 2014—an increase over the previous year when 608,000 veterans used the service. Veterans who used telehealth in 2014 represent 12 percent of all veterans enrolled in the healthcare system. Of those who did use the VA’s telehealth services, the majority—55 percent—lived in rural areas where access to VA facilities is difficult.

    Telehealth helps ensure veteran patients get the right care in the right place at the right time and aims to make the home into the preferred place of care, whenever possible. To meet this growing need for telehealth services, VA medical personnel need education about the technologies that enable telehealth, as well as training on how to use them.

    To learn more about VA’s telehealth services, visit the VA website.

  • What technologies are aboard TED?

    TED is equipped with the latest technology to allow care providers to extend healthcare access, enhance patient care and experiences, enhance collaboration and support the demands of telehealth. Specific technologies include:

    • Video and collaboration solutions connect providers and patients in medical centers, outpatient clinics or even homes via video for live synchronous encounters.
    • Transportable Exam Station (TES) travels with the healthcare provider to the patient and is equipped with a camera, USB otoscope, an electronic stethoscope and store and forward capabilities.
    • Telehealth Cart enables health workers to conduct remote encounters from outpatient clinics to medical centers using medical peripherals and built in video conferencing capabilities.
    • WallDoc is a solution for a fully functional telehealth station where exam space is limited.
    • Eye exam stations provide quick teleretinal exams with ultra-high resolution images that easily store and forward for the diagnosis of diabetes, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).
    • Interactive bedside solutions put collaboration tools and applications on a touchscreen display at the point-of-care, improving workflows for healthcare workers and providing patients access to content, services and multiple types of communications including video conferencing.
    • Virtual customer service kiosk enhances patient experiences by providing an easy one touch help solution that connects patients via video to the first available scheduler, provider or specialist.
    • Telewound camera is an imaging, 3D measurement and documentation system providing accurate wound information at the point-of-care and supporting the overall clinical management of wounds.
    • Interactive smart board display enhances collaboration and educational experiences by allowing users at multiple locations to manipulate screen content through touch and even “write” on the display like a whiteboard.
    • Operating room integration solutions that provide integrated video routing and display technology for operating rooms, hybrid suites, catheterization labs, EP labs and pathology labs.
    • Displays TVs that deliver high definition experiences needed for clinical encounters.
    • Processing power for all the servers and PCs to provide the computing speed for complex, media rich healthcare solutions.
    • Bandwidth and tablet solutions for more reliable service and greater access to patients and providers wherever they are located.
    • Flexible wall mount and furniture solutions that enhance ergonomics and provide flexible mounting options.
    • Flash Storage solutions that support a number of healthcare applications, biomedical teams, and research groups.
  • What partners are involved with TED?

    Sponsors whose equipment is being demonstrated include: Accenture, Aranz Medical, Audiology Systems/Otometrics, Cannon, Cisco, GetWellNetwork, GlobalMed, HP, intel, Microsoft, Minburn Technology Group, NetApp, Reingold, Resound – Otometrics, Samsung, Scansource KBZ, Samsung.  Links to all partner sites can be found in the Partner section.

  • How can I find out where TED will be?

    You can track TED’s progress across the country via the interactive map on the TED2GO website, and you can follow on Twitter and Instagram for snapshots and updates from the trip. You can also see TED’s itinerary for the entire trip here.

  • How can I schedule an interview about TED?

    Those interested in an interview with Iron Bow about TED or have another media request? Email TeleHealthSalesTeam@ironbow.com.

  • Where can I see photos of TED?

    Check out and feel free to use any photos from the TED photo gallery below. Photos from TED’s journey are being posted daily on Instagram.


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